Sabtu, 8 Disember 2012

So long

:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

Wow it's been very very long since I posted the previous entry. More than a month! Still remember my resolution to be active in blogging but couldn't walk my talk due to technical issues (alasan sangat). It's ok, I can forgive my self as I always do haha..

I was planning of flying to the UK tomorrow morning (Sunday) but when I was about to buy the flight ticket this morning, I realized that it seemed impossible to make a payment because the ticketing office is closed on weekends.

Couldn't blame any other than myself for last minute preparation. But I'm sure this is the best for me. Allah wants to let me finish my tasks first before I can enjoy my holiday & convocation ceremony. Oh ya, forgot to mention that I'm going to the UK to attend my graduation ceremony.

My first plan was to bring Ummi and Abah together with me to witness my graduation and to recall the good old memories of Manchester where they've been before when Abah was pursuing his study there. But they seem to feel guilty of leaving their small children at home. So Ummi suggested me to bring Allamah as their representative.

Hu... I feel like I have a lot of things in my mind to be written here but I am now soooo sleeepyyy to blog any further. Now is already 1.30 am ok. So I think that should be all for this time around. Thank you

:: wallahu a'lam ::

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