Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

I am now on the second day of CTS which stands for Certificate in Teaching Skills. 10 more days to go and now I am so sleepy.

:: wallahu a'lam ::

Khamis, 25 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

Hu... I did know that MSU's wifi service has blocked a number of applications eg. Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Whatsapp etc and I have no problem with that as I find it good to make us more productive, proactive and prolific!

But I just knew this morning that Playstore has also been blocked. I just noticed it when I was to install myresipi application. Haha I feel so lucky to be here, there's no single chance to be lagho. Forget about the installation as I can always do it at home.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

:: wallahu a'lam ::

Updated: I've tried to publish this entry but guess what... It failed! It means that Blogger has been blocked as well. Now I really feel like laughing full-heartedly. Have to wait several hours before I could publish this when I reach home :D

Ahad, 21 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

I made kuih keria this morning. Ummi boiled sweet potatoes aka keledek. When they became soft, I lenyek them all and mixed with wheat flour all using my very own hands. Afiah helped with the frying.

The first batch was nice because I added only a little flour but to make life easier, I later added some more flour so that the dough won't be too sticky to be shaped into a ring. But as an outcome the later batch became relatively 'harder' but not too hard, still chewable, bite-able and most important, edible. Just not as soft as before but who cares? Afterall, all the kerias have become extinct before lunch time.

Need to learn more about cooking. At this age, I'm still relatively an amateur. Sobs

:: wallahu a'lam ::

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

As a few friends might know (yes, only a few because I didn't tell all), I'm currently working with MSU (Management & Science University) as a lecturer. Lecturer, that's the name of the post offered to me by the university. But as for now I haven't formally delivered any lecture yet becuse it's the end of semester and lecturing session has ended to make a way for exam period.

So my tasks for the time being are mostly related to students' exam. Invigilating written exam, examining skill/practical tests, marking exam papers/lab reports etc. This gives me some chances to deal with the students of Optometry and get to know some of them before meeting them in lecture room.

I am so grateful with what Allah has arranged for me. Should it happen that I have to give a lecture right after joining MSU about 3 weeks ago (since October 1, 2012), I might not be able to prepare very well and my lecture will perhaps be a mess (just a possibility, it might also be good who knows). For a fresh master graduate with almost zero teaching experience like me, it'll be better (or even best) to have an ample time to prepare for my very first formal lecture. Tentatively I'll start my lecture by next month when new semester starts.

Indeed Allah is the best Planner and Determinor. May Allah ease me in whatever I do as He always does. Amin.

:: wallahu a'lam ::


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

It's the first time I post an entry via my mobile phone, as I just installed Blogger application minutes ago.

But as expected, it seems that this mobile version is lacking of a number of functions as compared to web version.

That's not a big deal though, as long as I can access my blog frequently without the hassle of switching my laptop on and off everytime I feel like blogging.

Probably it was due to that hassle that made me blog less frequently. Most of the time I'm not in the mood of blogging when my laptop is on (like in my office) and when an idea comes for blogging, I'm not in the mood of switching my laptop on.

With this app, it's hoped that I can update this blog more frequently so that in future it can be a reference for me and the next generations to come.

:: wallahu a'lam ::