Ahad, 21 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

I made kuih keria this morning. Ummi boiled sweet potatoes aka keledek. When they became soft, I lenyek them all and mixed with wheat flour all using my very own hands. Afiah helped with the frying.

The first batch was nice because I added only a little flour but to make life easier, I later added some more flour so that the dough won't be too sticky to be shaped into a ring. But as an outcome the later batch became relatively 'harder' but not too hard, still chewable, bite-able and most important, edible. Just not as soft as before but who cares? Afterall, all the kerias have become extinct before lunch time.

Need to learn more about cooking. At this age, I'm still relatively an amateur. Sobs

:: wallahu a'lam ::

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