Khamis, 25 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

Hu... I did know that MSU's wifi service has blocked a number of applications eg. Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Whatsapp etc and I have no problem with that as I find it good to make us more productive, proactive and prolific!

But I just knew this morning that Playstore has also been blocked. I just noticed it when I was to install myresipi application. Haha I feel so lucky to be here, there's no single chance to be lagho. Forget about the installation as I can always do it at home.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

:: wallahu a'lam ::

Updated: I've tried to publish this entry but guess what... It failed! It means that Blogger has been blocked as well. Now I really feel like laughing full-heartedly. Have to wait several hours before I could publish this when I reach home :D

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