Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012


:: bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::

As a few friends might know (yes, only a few because I didn't tell all), I'm currently working with MSU (Management & Science University) as a lecturer. Lecturer, that's the name of the post offered to me by the university. But as for now I haven't formally delivered any lecture yet becuse it's the end of semester and lecturing session has ended to make a way for exam period.

So my tasks for the time being are mostly related to students' exam. Invigilating written exam, examining skill/practical tests, marking exam papers/lab reports etc. This gives me some chances to deal with the students of Optometry and get to know some of them before meeting them in lecture room.

I am so grateful with what Allah has arranged for me. Should it happen that I have to give a lecture right after joining MSU about 3 weeks ago (since October 1, 2012), I might not be able to prepare very well and my lecture will perhaps be a mess (just a possibility, it might also be good who knows). For a fresh master graduate with almost zero teaching experience like me, it'll be better (or even best) to have an ample time to prepare for my very first formal lecture. Tentatively I'll start my lecture by next month when new semester starts.

Indeed Allah is the best Planner and Determinor. May Allah ease me in whatever I do as He always does. Amin.

:: wallahu a'lam ::

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